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Client Testimonials

I have had the great pleasure of coordinating wellness workshops with Denise for our 750+ Yale Medicine Administration staff members over the last 3+ years. We have continued to ask Denise to return and share her wisdom with our staff because it is evident she has had an incredible impact on our staff members’ wellbeing through their positive feedback of her. Whether it’s classes on physical activities like yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, or classes on vital life-skills like resolving anxious thoughts, stress management & self-care, empathy & burn out, and healthy relationship & communication styles, Denise delivers an exceptional experience every time and customizes her presentations based on what our staff share they hope to gain from each session and the nature of their jobs. She is consistently professional and pleasant in her demeanor and always makes sure to include relatable examples when speaking on each topic. I personally have gained incredible value by attending each of her classes and appreciate the time and effort she puts into her presentation materials, her engaging speaking-style and overall contagious positive energy she delivers to the class. We look forward to continuing this relationship with Denise in the future and can’t recommend her enough for presenting in corporate settings. We held a raffle for our staff to win copies of her workbook “Ripple Affect: Change Your Mind. Change Your Life” and the winners were thrilled. Some mentioned they even ordered additional copies for their family members. Whenever surveys are sent to our staff to get a pulse on employee engagement and morale, Denise and her classes are consistently brought up and praised. She encourages the staff to start where they are and gives them the confidence and motivation to pursue their very best lives. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do every day, Denise. We at Yale Medicine Administration cherish you and wish you endless success in your pursuits

Maryam Rahmani

Employee Engagement Lead for Yale Medicine Administration

We hired mindfulness consultant, Denise Zack, to facilitate workshops at Apollo Intelligence on a quarterly basis for two years, and I can honestly say that her impact has been transformative. From day one, Denise demonstrated an incredible ability to engage with our employees, creating an open and welcoming atmosphere that encouraged participation and connection.

Denise’s workshops quickly became some of the most anticipated events in our company calendar. The feedback from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive, with many employees asking when she would be returning for the next session. It’s no surprise that attendance is consistently high whenever she’s here.

Her dynamic approach and interactive materials make the learning experience enjoyable and meaningful. Denise’s focus on mindful skills, such as self-regulation, mindset, elevated performance, and stress management has not only equipped our employees with valuable skills, but it has also fostered a culture of mindfulness and resilience throughout our organization.

Denise’s workshops have had a significant impact on our team, with noticeable improvements in employee morale, focus, and productivity. I highly recommend her services to any company looking to enhance their workplace environment and empower their employees with practical tools for personal and professional growth.

Lisa Ferrone

Senior Director, Human Resources Apollo Intelligence

I think Denise’s workshops are some of the very best workshops I’ve taken at Yale. And they have been even more critical during the pandemic and have really helped me get through a very challenging year.


I had a major realization when she said that the situation isn’t about me and I can see how that would come off. I always thought giving my own examples was a way to relate to the individual and empathize. I can see how it inadvertently made it about me.


The strongest features of this workshop were the presenter. Her knowledge, presentation skills, and the content she put together for the workshop was very helpful.


I see myself using mindfulness in the future. I think being aware of how things impact the way I feel and how I choose to react has relieved some stress from my life already. Knowing what I can and can't control puts things into perspective.

Dawn Designation

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