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8 Week Mindfulness Course

Embark on your transformation journey today with me, Denise Zack, your dedicated mindfulness expert and teacher. Through my proprietary 8-step mindful life coaching series, you’ll rediscover your inner calm and learn to embrace your best life!

In my training programs, I offer a transformative journey toward greater self-awareness, resilience, and success. Through a blend of mindfulness techniques and practical tools, participants embark on a path of personal and professional growth. Each session is carefully crafted to address the unique needs of individuals and teams, fostering clarity, emotional balance, and enhanced performance. By delving into topics such as stress management, emotional intelligence, and effective communication, participants gain valuable insights and skills that empower them to navigate challenges with confidence and purpose. Whether it’s one-on-one coaching, corporate workshops, or team retreats, my training programs provide a supportive environment for individuals and organizations to thrive and excel

Series Benefits:

-Change your perspective of and experience with daily stress.

-Increase your ability to make positive changes.

-Increase self-awareness and insights into blind spots.

-Resolve pain points and decrease conflict.

-Identify barriers that may be standing in your way.

-Place an emphasis on your health and well-being.

-Increase self management skills.

-Elevate your social awareness.

-Improve your relationships.

-Gain a stronger sense of control and mastery over your life.


8 Week Mindfulness Course Details:

Meeting ID


Meeting Status


Start Time

Dec 22, 2021




60 Min

Mindful Life Coaching Series

Changing behavior and perception can be difficult, thats why I created the Ripple Effect Life Coaching Series. Follow my eight easy steps for long-term benefits and take the first steps towards a more mindful and fufilling life.

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